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      Business Items:
      Food products, grains processing / Grain grinders / Health grain food equipment set / Chemical herbwood floursaltsugar powder food grinders / Grain cutlery slicing machine / Fishing fodder equipments / Fried millet mush machine / Hospitalpharmaceutical factorymachine bottle and glass bottle grinders / Powder metallurgy
      equipments that confirm to environmental recyclable standards
      Puffed Rice Machine / Multi-crush   Stainless Machine / Mixer / Mixing & Seasoning Machine / Vibratory Separators Filter / Sesame Grinding Machine / Almond Grinding Machine / Plant Slicer / Grass Slicer
        Professional food chemical engineering machine
      Fast speed, easy operation, direct market sale price
      Exportation and importation are welcome
        We welcome you to try other possible usages on site.

      Factory Address: No. 601, Dongbei St., Fengyuan City, Taichung Hsien, Taiwan 42060 (R.O.C.)
      Invoice No.: 27386739
      TEL: 886-4-2522-4740 FAX: 886-4-2512-1418
      E-mail: wsf.tw@msa.hinet.net
      Web site: http://www.biomed-net.com
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