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    1. Multi-crush stainless Machine
      1.Taiwan Patent Right Number178200 < Piracy without authorization is against the law>

      2.Applicationall kinds of food grains, fruit, industrial chemicals, herb, wood flour, salt, powered sugar, broken glass bottle pieces, powder metallurgy.

      3.Applicable for small-sized family food processing factories and other.

      4.Multi-function, fast speed, for dry and wet usage, easy to cleanoperate and learn.

      Material : Stainless / Iron
      Phase : Single / Three phase
      Motor : TECO Motor / Usual Motor
      Horsepower : 5HP , 7 1/2HP , 10HP
      Voltage & Frequency : 110V&60Hz / 220V&60Hz
      Different voltage of models are also available.
      Dimension (LxWxH) : 111x63x132 CM
      ’Accept orders or tailor-made models. Other horsepower models are available.

      Factory Address: No. 601, Dongbei St., Fengyuan City, Taichung Hsien, Taiwan 42060 (R.O.C.)
      Invoice No.: 27386739
      TEL: 886-4-2522-4740 FAX: 886-4-2512-1418
      E-mail: wsf.tw@msa.hinet.net
      Web site: http://www.biomed-net.com
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